Determining a Unique Tag for LIGO Condor Jobs

Please use the "Generate Tag" button to generate the appropriate tag for your Condor jobs. This string should be included in your condor submit files before the queue statement, e.g.,

universe = vanilla
executable = /usr/bin/od
arguments = -An -N2 -i
input = /dev/random
output = /dev/null
accounting_group =
queue 1

When submitting your jobs from a shared account (e.g. detchar) you must also specify a value for accounting_group_user to indicate who is running the jobs, e.g.,

accounting_group_user = marie.curie

How to obtain obtain a new tag:
  1. Users propose search with estimated computing needs for O3, O4, and O5.
  2. Users gets approval from the search group chairs.
  3. Users get DAC approval and science prioritization (highest/high/additional).
  4. Users notify the IGWN computing chair, Peter Couvares in that case, who populates the DAC spreadsheet with a tag.
  5. Satya Mohpatra adds the tag after Peter Couvare's approval in step 3.

  1. Here is a page which shows how the information collected is utilized: link.
  2. Here is the text file which lists all the group names: link.
  3. Here is a the json version of list of all group names: link.
  4. The specification of this accounting scheme is descibed in this document: link.
  5. The names are obtained from the DAC spread sheet: